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Guangzhou Sehe Apparel Co., Ltd.
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SEHE‘s Designers Work hard, Innovative and Following market trends and customer demands closely. SEHE Apparel is a pioneer custom apparel manufacturer providing a one-stop solution to all the small and large-scale clothing brands for their customization needs. We are home to diverse customization solutions along with the best pricing that you can get in the market.


SEHE, as a leading custom apparel manufacturer, adheres to global quality standards to meet the unique requirements of the customers. We use modern manufacturing and designing methods so we can deliver the promise of quality which makes us a market leader in the industry. Our customer-centric approach is the testimony of the fact that our goal is to offer services that align with the ideology and unique vision of our clients.


We engage our trained team to make sure that all the customer’s needs and queries are addressed on a priority basis.


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 Casual Wear Manufacturing 


We provide comfortable and fashionable clothing products to gain full creative advantages for your design. Our skilled fashion designers provide assistance throughout the entire process to keep your casual wear practical and attractive to the public.       

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 Promotional Apparel 


Customize printed business and promotional clothing for your work team to showcase yourself at expos and trade shows. Choose from a variety of clothing products and make your company logo, slogan, and imessages idolized.

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 Uniform Manufacturing 


SEHE Apparel is a leading clothing manufacturer specializing in the production of various uniforms. We are an experienced manufacturer that produces various uniforms made from the highest quality fabrics according to customer needs. We can produce uniforms for schools, companies, and other customers at the most favorable prices.

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 Active Fitness Wear & Sports Apparel 


We provide you with professional technology to create high-performance sportswear and sportswear to meet all your sports needs. In addition, through intelligent design, we resolve all fitness based clothing problems.

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 All Over Sublimation Printing 


Through our sublimation printing service, ensuring non-destructive full color clothing, you can create a unique range of clothing that is larger than life and breathtaking. Provide various sublimation printing services.

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 All Over & Regular Screen Printing 


We provide you with state-of-the-art branding services. Our all-over screen printing equipment provides you with high-quality results at a low price. Achieving the highest quality all-over prints for exclusive collections of apparel goods and garments.

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 Custom Embroidery 


Decorate your clothing products with our customized embroidery service. We provide you with fast and reliable facilities, providing you with high-quality products from embroidery digital services to hand-made apparel undertakings.

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 Private label 

As a high-quality clothing manufacturer, we understand the importance of private labels for clothing brands. We offer a wide range of label options for all your clothing needs at the most favorable prices, making us one of the most reliable private label clothing manufacturers.

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